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Aparigrah-2, (vk-142)


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Jainism Series
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Watercolor on Fabriano paperPaper
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Over the years I have done several paintings portraying Jain Religion (mainly practised in India) Philosophies such as Ahinsa, Aparigrah, Parigrah, Anekantwaad, and Shatt Leshya. These Jain paintings have been done in modern contemporary style, different from the traditional that one sees often in Jain temples. In this painting the philosophy of Aparigrah (अपरिग्रह) has been depicted. It means renouncing, or detaching, or possessing less . Main color of the painting is the spiritual saffron color. Digambar Jain Munis (saints) have been shown in a very faded way, one seated and 5 standing. They practise high order of Aparigrah, relinquishing even the clothes. Living totally naked, the three articles that they keep are the peacock feather broom for softly removing the insects seen while walking or sitting, a water-pot for ablutions, and a religious scripture.

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