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Defender Arrives-1 (vk-295)


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Memories of Bhutan
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Watercolor on Yupo paper
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Bhutan is called the land of happiness, where development is measured by the happiness index. Everywhere, you meet soft spoken people, and see monks and nuns of all ages in monasteries that are galore in different parts of the country and in major towns. Bhutan revers its ancestors, rulers, and deities. Bhutanese have several traditions of worshipping their revered ones. After my trip to Bhutan I did several Bhutan paintings in Indian Contemporary Art form.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? In this medium sized painting on Yupo paper, some monks notice in the sky the arrival of Jarog Dongchen, the monk who became a Raven and came to Bhutan to protect it. They proceed towards the mountain to welcome it. In the painting Jarog Dongchen has abandoned the robe to become a Raven. It is interesting to note that Raven (called Jarog in Bhutanese language) has become the national bird of Bhutan and is also on the crown of the king of Bhutan. Most part of this painting has been painted with sponge rollers.

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Dimensions 20 × 26 in


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