Positive Harmonies

In this video done for the government of India, I  explain how during the lockdown period I kept  myself busy learning new things about nature  and art; and painting some humour associated with  lockdown times.

Painting folds of clothing in  watercolor

Watercolorists often wonder how to paint real looking folds in clothing. This video will demonstrate how I paint folds in robe of a Monk. In the beginning the demo explains the color theory for both, the folds as well as the highlights. I must admit, there could be other ways of painting equally real or even better looking folds. The technique that I adopt has given me excellent results though. I welcome comments from learners as well as experienced artists. Please do send me comments once you have tried this technique.

Painting with sponge roller on  YUPO

Yupo is made of synthetic material. Being non-absorbent and having high surface tension, it does not retain/absorb water or watercolor. I have developed a technique of applying pasty watercolors upon it using sponge roller. Pasty colors stay where applied and it is possible to either mix the next layer color with the base color, or do away with the base color. The results are stunning. The texture is unique. High whiteness and sheen of the paper impart high vibrancy to painting. Details can be painted with brush using slightly less pasty color. At the end of video there are three paintings showing typical results. Please do send me comments once you have tried this technique.

How to stretch a cockled  watercolor painting

Watercolorists often experience no matter how good the stretching of blank paper is, the paper still gets cockled after they have finished the painting. I have experienced paper as heavy as 300gsm or even 650gsm getting cockled after painting. Flattening by keeping under the mattress or by steam ironing etc. does not completely help. Watch this video to learn my technique. It will give you dead flat shiny crisp paintings, that are a delight to the viewer. In fact it is no longer necessary to stretch the paper beforepainting. Gallery owners too can flatten their old cockled watercolor paintings. Please do send me comments once you have tried this technique.